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General Tips, Post with less than 2 min read, to learn something new, a good habit to start with.

Running your Sitecore SOLR instance 6.6.2/6.6.3 with specific Java version

Running Sitecore 9 requires SOLR 6.6.2/6.6.3. Even if the SOLR documentation says that SOLR 6.6.x is compatible with Java 8…

Sitecore Context Database

As you know Sitecore can work with 3 or more databases. Core, Mastert and Web Database. Sometime, developers will use…

HTTPS is not optional

General recommendation is to always setup an SSL Certificate on your server and keep using encrypted HTTPS on your Website….

Never push a commented code, unless it is a working sample

Do not keep code in comment. Do not be afraid to lose the old code: Old versions of your code…

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