JSS (Sitecore Javascript Services), Tech Preview 4 is now available and you can download it here.

As the official documentation is already up to date, I always recommend it as your first starting point.

In addition, you can find here some useful and practical commands you will frequently need for your next JSS App.

npm install -g @sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-cliInstall JSS Globally
jss create my-first-jss-app {vue, react, angular}Create a JSS App based on Sample Styleguide Template (Using React, Vue or Angular Framework)
jss startStart the JSS app
jss scaffold Create a JSS Component
http://myapp.siteco.re/sitecore/api/layout/render/jss?item=/&sc_apikey={YOUR_API_KEY_ID}Test if your Sitecore instance is running a JSS Server Component
jss setupConnect your JSS App to your Sitecore Instance. Will generate /scjssconfig.json
jss deploy configPush config patches from JSS App to Sitecore App_Config/Include/zzz
jss deploy app --includeContent --includeDictionaryBuild the JSS App, Generate the app manifest and JSS manifest package and install the package over HTTP on your Sitecore instance




  • jss elephant-in-the-room
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